Iowa Knows

We made it back.  We hit the ground running.  We’ve done a hundred things since, but we can’t help sitting back and reminding each other what a kick ass weekend we had at 80/35 in Des Moines.

We were invited to play at the festival by DMMC (Des Moines Music Coalition).  A non profit organization aiming to support and sponsor the musical community in order to continue the revitalization and economic development of the area.  Which is, as we’re sure you’ll agree, super kick ass.

Mugsy, being from Iowa, immediately got on the horn and found us all a place to crash.  We could not have been happier.  We made it into town just in time for the fireworks  and were greeted by her friend Macy who had been celebrating the holiday with friends on the rooftop of her downtown loft.  We can’t thank her enough for putting us up for three nights in a row.  Her place was literally covered in Black Diet.  Check out her Shiba Inu pup Reuben on instagram because they’re both adorable and, you guessed it, so kick ass.

Jt and David watching the fireworks. Couldn’t have timed it better. Black Diet welcoming party!


Friday, we spent time finding food and preparing for our afternoon set. We arrived at the festival to unload our gear and were pleasantly surprised at the ease of it all.  There are volunteers and staff members everywhere to help with anything a performing band could possibly need.  We were allowed 6 additional all-access badges so we could bring others into the paid portion of the festival, drink tickets, food vouchers.  They even sold our merchandise for us all weekend.  Not a care in the world.  We were ready to party.

Des Moines had really supported us before we even got there by writing us up on a number of blogs.  You can check out our 80/35 Preview: The Inherent Pain of Black Diet written by Chad Taylor of Band Bombshell.  Juice Magazine named us one of 7 bands you didn’t know you’d love at 80/35.  They helped us draw that magnificent crowd.  We are so grateful for their support.

We caught Caroline Smith on Saturday and let’s just say (because abandoning the theme now is just wrong), she kicked ass.  Their set was beautiful and deservedly well-attended.  80/35 attendees really know how to show their support, they love her and we love them for it.  Check out this great shot from the stage.  You’re likely to see someone you recognize. You may have to squint a little.

Photo Courtesy of Juice Magazine and Cody Osen
Photo Courtesy of Juice Magazine and Cody Osen

Ok, long winded post to make this simple point.  Iowa knows, people. Iowa knows how to throw a kick ass party, how to ensure that their festivals are of benefit to all.  Iowa knows how to treat people right and we can’t wait to go back.