Basilica and Bastille: Two worlds, one band

Those of you out there who have been to both the Basilica Block Party and the annual Bastille Day Block Party know how different these events can be from one another.  Some would say they could never be compared.  The only reason we’re doing it is because we performed at both, on the same weekend.

Basilica Block Party started at about 4am to get ready for the 5am KARE 11 news spot.  Most of us stayed up all night, a couple of whom took a chance and slept for an hour or two, not a good move, if you’re ever in that situation.  Fight through it. We learn life lessons everyday.

Most of Black Diet waiting to go on air at dawn.
Most of Black Diet waiting to go on air at dawn.

We waited for the sun to come up, hid from the morning shower and…ACTION. About two hours after we got there, we were free to go.  The majority of us were looking forward to some day sleep before being back at 5pm for our set. Unbeknownst to us, we had to be back at the stage for load in and sound check at noon.

We got to the stage and officially met Marnie who would be stage managing for the weekend.  She’s amazing.  The stage crew were so helpful and it’s always nice to have some good people at your home base.

Carroll played on the stage right before us. Carroll is great. Those guys killed it. They told us they were able to get in to the VIP section at the main stage with their band passes. Damn. Wish we’d have thought of that.  Again, we live and we learn.

Photos by Tony Nelson courtesy of City Pages


There were so many people at Basilica Block Party. They were from all over the state and beyond. Not the local crowd we’re so used to. But, did a great job of keeping things feeling like home. There was a noticeable lack of local breweries serving drinks, which was a bummer, but we ended up on the best stage for us and for that, we’re super grateful.  Another reason was killing the music festival game: the photo booth! We heard people all over the place yelling to their friends, “let’s go to the photo booth!” The photos were free and that is amazing. We attempted a band photo. Thanks so much to Mark Schwandt for filling in for us while David was away.

Thanks Mark!
Thanks Mark!


Now, back to Uptown for Barbette’s Bastille Day.  It was beautiful to be around such a familiar crowd. Immediately upon our arrival we ran into Phillip Morris, Tomahawk Tassels and GRRRL PRTY was just rolling up for their set too. Marnie stopped by too, it was obviously wonderful to see her again.

This festival was full of Minneapolis owned businesses and we have to say, that was a breath of fresh air. Restaurants, breweries, art, music. Minneapolis has such a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and we’re always happy to be immersed in its richness. Honestly, it was nice to be surrounded by our people again, to use our drink tickets and leftover cash on a local brewer’s latest innovation. To see how many neighbors made it down the street for one of their favorite local cafe’s annual festival celebration. A community doing for itself, in the true Bastille Day spirit.

A couple more photos from City Pages.

Photos by Mark N. Kartarik
Photo by Mark N. Kartarik

Bastille Day CP Mark N. Kartarik2

The crowds at both shows were grand. We’re so happy to perform for crowds who appreciate the diverse musical community Minneapolis has to offer.  We’re proud to call it home. Performing here will never get old.